Thursday, 18 June 2009

SEPG Conference - Multi-model Synergies

Over the past few years there's been a growing recognition that the use of multiple reference models provides organisations with a much broader perspective than using a single model such as CMMI-Dev. In Europe this started in the early days of SW-CMM as a result of many European organisations already working to the then ISO 9000-1994 Quality standard. The synergies between ISO 9000 and SW-CMM / CMMI have been extensively documented, as have synergies between Six Sigma and CMMI, especially with regard to higher maturity. As the costs of formal CMMI accreditation continue to rise, there is an even greater opportunity for organisations to mix and match their models to obtain better results in their improvement efforts and translate these into genuine benefits for their operational activities. At this year's conference sessions around this topic looked at mixing CMMI-Dev and CMMI-Acq; CMMI for Services and ITIL; CMMI, People CMM, and EFQM; as well as CMMI-Dev and Agile. In future I'd like to see this extended to areas like SPICE, ISO 15504, and BPM. I'm also a firm believer in looking for models taken from outside of the IT industry. The richness of all these models, including the usual subjects mentioned above, enables us to focus on areas and disciplines previously considered out of scope of the improvement domain. This can only be a good thing. Print this post

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