Thursday, 22 October 2009

5 Facets of Change - Update

I've now made the changes to the 5 Facets of Change tool and this entry provides a quick summary of the modifications. I felt this was better than repeating much of the previous material. I've created a Quicktime movie of an Apple Keynote presentation which contains all the details, and this can be downloaded from my website. The central topic is now called Define the Change, and the five facets which support this are:
  1. Lead the Change
  2. Communicate the Change
  3. Manage the Change
  4. Deal with the Change
  5. Relate to the Change
The other key change is that the Changeability sub-heading is now part of Manage the Change rather than a part of the central theme. This is in keeping with the idea that any feasibility study needs to be part of the Start-up phase of the initiative. Otherwise the words in the previous blog entry still apply. Clearly there is overlap between the different facets in terms of who, what, when and how, and different projects will have different emphasis in each of the areas. However, any change programme needs to consider all of these facets, and failure to do so will almost certainly lead to problems. I hope this is useful - let me know if you're able to use it or if you have improvement suggestions. I'm planning to create a toolkit to support the 5 Facets which will include templates, checklists and other supporting materials to assist change managers and change teams. Watch out for more news. Print this post

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